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What is it like to raise a child who suffers from anxiety when you suffer as well? A vicious cycle can occur, and oftentimes feel overwhelming and unending. We came across a recent post that articulates some of the struggle, and we wanted to share it with you. If the struggle of anxiety resonates with you, and you are in the Westside Cleveland area, we’re here to help both you and your child. 

From ScaryMommy.com:

My anxiety is functional. I am hyper-organized, I am prepared for anything, and I am typically 10 steps ahead of reality. My mind also never stops. I over-analyze every conversation. I have certain fears that are irrational but very real to me.

My anxiety has led to me having success academically and professionally, but struggling socially. In high school, I became flustered and suffered from verbal diarrhea. Even in my 30s, when I run into some of the “high school in-crowd,” I still revert to a babbling idiot, quickly followed by analyzing every awkward part of the conversation.

Watching my anxiety be passed on to my son is heartbreaking. Devastating even seems like a too trivial description. My son is sweet, kind, thoughtful, and painfully intelligent. He is a beautiful person. I look at him and I am constantly in awe of who he is becoming. We have moments of conflict only because we have such a similar mindset.

He was a hard baby. He was my first, he was premature, he was sick, he never slept, he barely ate, and I had no idea what I was doing. Without his daddy, I would have been lost. My husband has learned to be patient through my anxiety, and the birth of our son solidified his role in my ability to cope.

My son was 4 years old when it started. He started questioning us at bedtime. “What are you going to do?” and “Where are you going?” was the beginning. One night we were outside feeding the chickens after his bedtime when we heard screaming. Hysterical screaming. Our son was frantically running from the house to our barn in his footy pajamas while screaming for us. He was irrational, difficult to calm, and generally overwhelmed.

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